RRS SP. z o.o. S.K.A. is a leading producer of gutters systems made of steel. Premium products are RAIKO PREMIUM, ECO RAIN and RAIKO PLATINUM.
Production facilities in Gdansk by working on the highest quality raw materials and the equipment to produce the ideal for each roof, complete drainage systems.
The company focuses on the highest quality products and customer service. Systems manufactured by RRS are audiences across Europe and beyond.




Why us?

Our exceptionally dynamic development, great care for the quality of our products, and an individual approach to our clients are all reasons why our company is at the forefront of European suppliers of steel gutter systems.
Our aim is to build systems of the highest quality to ensure the highest possible satisfaction of our customers.
In the production process we make use of the highest-quality machinery as well as a staff of highly-qualified engineers and technicians, which allows us to fulfill even the most demanding requirements of our users.

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