Our History

Raiko Transilvania S.A. is a sister company

of Raiko Polska sp. z o.o., which has more

than 25 years of experience in producing

steel gutters RAIKO® and the exclusive steel roofs QUALES®. Our  products are available in

22 countries located on three continents, 

Also we are majority shareholder in Transilvania Roof Center SRL, located in Romania, this company is covering retail roofing market www.acoperiscluj.ro

Our Vision

We have a long history and we know that this is not always an easy way. However, we are constantly developing, remaining faithful to friendly individual cooperation.

A safe home and a happy family' perfectly reflects our mission. We also create special partner programs for our clients and their families, we organize trainings and other regular and occasional projects, which are an additional advantage for our cooperation.


Gutters RAIKO® and Roofs Quales are made based on the newest technology of metal sheet cold forming. The rich and constantly modernised machinery is serviced by a qualified staff. The highest care for the perfect adjustment of each detail and an individual approach to the local market demands or even an individual customer are the factors of the success of our products.


What's new about RAIKO?


Advantages of our products

A durable and safe roof
for your family.


The QUALES® Roofs and RAIKO® Gutters
are a choice for generations.

We provide 30 YEARS WARRANTY for the
gutter systems of the Premium line and
50 YEARS WARRANTY for the roofs.

It speaks for itself... why should we write more... 

A child's play.
Do it yourself.


Simple and easy assembly.
No fixed connections with rivets or screws. 

The RAIKO® gutter systems are one of the simpliest to assembly on the market.


The assembly and all the repairs can be done without the roofer's assistance and special tools.

Combine however you like.


The RAIKO® systems are 100% complete and fully compatible with the Scandinavian gutter systems.
In case of changing the given elements of the system, you can purchase the RAIKO® products and combine them with your present gutter system which is already installed in your roof.


10 competitive advantages of RAIKO®

The highest quality in a good price

Contrary to other manufacturers who treat the gutters only as an accessory, we focus mainly on them, that is why we can assure the best quality in an attractive price and our offer of guttering, as compared to the competition, is really wide.


The RAIKO® Premium gutter system is manufactured from the steel of the highest quality (0,6mm), galvanised on both sides (275g / m2) and covered with a GreenCoat® RWS layer (2x35μm). The gutter made from the coated steel is more durable and resistant to scratching and diffrent weather conditions than the most popular on the market gutter systems made of PCV, zinc or aluzinc. Thanks to the usage of the coated steel, instead of the zinc or PCV, the RAIKO® gutters maintain their exploitation and aesthetic properties for much longer.

Extended warranty

For the RAIKO® Premium gutter system we provide 30 years warranty for the rust perforation and 15 years for the colour loss. For the QUALES® roofs we grant a warranty of even 50 years. The competition in the steel gutter segment provide usually only 15 years warranty for the rust perforation and no warranty for the colour, however the manufacturers of the PCV or zinc guttering provide a warranty only for a period of maximal 10 years.

Easiness of the system assembly

The RAIKO® Premium system is one of the simpliest to assembly on the market. The assembly does not require the fixed connection of elements with rivets or screws like in other systems. The assembly and all repairs and maintanaince may be done without the roofer's assistance and without using special tools.


The RAIKO® Premium gutter system, contrary to other competitive systems, is fully compatible with the so-called systems of the Scandinavian type. It is a significant convenience for the customer because in the case of a necessity to change the elements of the gutter system, he can purchase the RAIKO® products and combne them with a system already installed in his roof.

A vast product, colour and size offer

Another competitive advantage of the RAIKO® Premium gutter system is a vast range of colours and systems. The RAIKO® products are available in 12 colours and three sizes 100/75, 125/90, 150/100. The competition offers its systems in maximal two sizes and in a lesser range of colours.

Individual adjustment

According to the individual needs we are able to adjust the accessories to the local market demands or even to the individual customer. We are an only manufacturer of the gutters that is able to adjust the accessories, e.g. hooks, to the specific needs of customers on given markets. For example, on the Slovakian market we introduced a special hook that was not in the offer of other manfacturers.

Possibility to assembly on every roof type

In our offer we have all the hooks and pins used on market which enable the assembly of the  RAIKO® gutter system on every type of roof - inclined (at each angle), flat, ceramic, cement, also the roofs of every type of sheet metal. Other manufacturers offer a limited range of hooks and pins.

Production process

In the production process we use the coated steel of the highest quality produced by the Swedish steel mill SSAB. It is manufactured using the purest iron ore located in Kirun.
The multi-layer GreenCoat® RWS used for coating the steel, thanks to the use of the biodegradable oils is the only paint coat in the world free from the industrial oils, it is environment friendly and highly resistant to scratching and UV radiation comparing to the coatings used by other steel manufacturers.
Contrary to the competition, our hooks are manufactured from the black steel and only after their formation they are galvanised and painted. Thanks to that the whole surface of the hook has the anti-corrosion protection. In the best competitive systems, the hooks do not have the full anti-corrosion protection because they are produced already from the galvanised steel and in the places of cutting or sticking a handle they remain unprotected from corrosion.

Availability on many markets

The compatibility of our system is convenient in cooperation with new distibutors because they may order cheaper  RAIKO® products and offer them to their customers who used different systems until that time.
The distributors may combine the elements of the  RAIKO® Premium system with other systems in their offers enabling them passing to selling the complete  RAIKO® systems while not waiting for the selling outof other gutter systems. Thanks to that the  RAIKO® systems are available in, among others, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia as well as in Romania, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan and the group of the international recipients is still expanding.

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