Materials to download


You need more specific information? Here you will find everything necessary.

The catalogues, assembly instruction, marketing materials such as the logotypes and the instructions of their use, legal documentation, regulations of the competitions, regulations of the partnership and loyalty programs, etc.

If you want to get more marketing and advertising materials for the Partners, such as the materials for promotion
with an own photo, logotype, displays and other individual materials.

Log in or contact the marketing department.

Product catalogues

Product catalogues in different language versions.

Gutter systems RAIKO, QUALES roofs, Roof accessories

and other product catalogues of our Partners.

Product price lists

Wholesale price lists apply to the prices in PL and EU

The price lists do not include individual discounts and offers.

Assembly instructions

Basic assembly instructions and assembly advices as well

as the instructions and tips concerning the maintenance.

Product documentation

Declarations of conformity, Certificates, Warranties, etc.

Logotypes and guidance for use

The logotypes of RAIKO, QUALES and other own brands

in differenet approved versions and the guidance for their use.

Legal documents, Regulations and others

Legal documents, regulations for competitions, offers,

regulations of partnership and loyalty programs, Cookie policy etc.

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  • RAIKO on Facebook
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