Rainwater systems

A compromise of durability, aesthetics and price.

The gutter system ecoRAIN® is a reasonable compromise between the durability, easthetics and a low price. The steel used for its production comes from the steel mills belonging to the Korean concern Hyundai Steel and other partners. It lets obtaining low price with an optimally high quality.

All ecoRAIN® system elements are
covered by a 10 years warranty.

RAIKO® Premium
30 years of warranty.

System elements of RAIKO® Premium are produced according to the swedish technology from the high quality steel galvanised on both sides and coated in the GreenCoat® RWS (SSAB - Sweden). Thanks to the particular features, gutters in the RAIKO® Premium system have a perfect protection against corrosion, are easy to assemble and maintain and are much more durable than other gutter systems. 

We provide 30 years warranty
for the RAIKO® Premium.

RAIKO® Platinum
The best protection against corrosion.

The system RAIKO® Platinum is made of the ArcelorMittal® sheet metal covered with the Magnelis® coating. The chemical composition of the Magnelis® coating is optimally adjusted to
the anti-corrosion protection in the environment

and consists of the chlorides (salt) or ammonia.


The product is destined for the industry.

Available in silver.


Complete roofs

QUALES® Modular
Modular steel tile
up to 50 years of warranty

The symmetrical and innovative shape of the modular steel tile QUALES influences the ergonomics of the costs of covering the roof ensuring an easy and quick assembly thanks to covering in two sides.

The modern guillotine system 3D used for cutting the transverse edges of the sheet metal influences the tightness and invisibility of connections. The triple longitudinal indentation imitates the ceramic roof tile and makes the steel metal stiffer.


The biggest advantage of the modular steel tile QUALES is the material used. For the production we use only the steel of SSAB GreenCoat® Mica with a thickness of 0,5 mm, zink 275g/m2, paint coverage 35 μm.

Modular steel tile
Modular steel tile
Modular steel tile
Modular steel tile
for specific dimensions

Roof accessories

QUALES® Complete
Roof accessories
All you need in
one place

In a cooperation with our partners we prepared a vast range of roof accessories dedicated to the roof systems QUALES® which is the complement to the offer of the modular roof QUALES® and gutter systems RAIKO®.

Complete roof System by RAIKO® is a wide range of the high quality flashing as well as the roofing screws, roofing membrane, snow protection, insulation systems and all the necessary roof accesories.

QUALES® Complete
GreenCoat® Mica SSAB

Conic ridge
Straight ridge
Deep platform gutter
Shallow platform gutter
Strip above the gutter
Strip under the gutter
Side wind girder
Upper wind girder
Wall flashing
Snow barrier

Roofing screws

The screw has a self-drilling ending and a mounting thread in the wooden profile. The steel seal with a layer of an EPDM gum after screwing self-vulcanises with a surface creating a tight connection. It guarantees the best quality and durability of the paint coat layer and does not deforms itself while tightening.

QUALES®  Membrane
Quales Ultra 130 
Quales Ultra 160

This membrane is characterised by the high resistance to mechanical damage and enables a safe work at heights no matter the weather conditions.

The high quality of the product guarantees the unchangeable parameters in time and durable roof coverage.


RAIKO® and QUALES® realization gallery


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