About the RAIKO® Oxygen Program

As part of the RAIKO® Oxygen Partner project for our Distributors and Contractors we create special partnership and loyalty programs, we organise trainings, competitions and other regular and occasional marketing projects that are an additional value for our cooperation. Ask a your RAIKO Representative about the details.

While being our Partner in the RAIKO Oxygen program you will also get the package of additional benefits, an access to the Openbenefit platform and full technical, commercial, logistic, marketing support and many more...

RAIKO® Oxygen Partner

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Openbenefit Platform

as part of RAIKO® Oxygen Partner

Discover a rain of possibilities for you and your family. Hundreds of special offers, discounts and reductions on the Openbenefit platform.

While being our Partner you will get access to the personalised discount platform Openbenefit from RAIKO. With your family use hundreds of offers with discounts up to even 80%. Turism, culture, entertainment, cinema tickets, fashion, motorisation, for house, for children, trainings and many more...

Order and pay however you like, by card, transfer or the points collected in the RAIKO Oxygen program.

Over 5000 Partners in the whole country.

In our shop you wil find hundreds of offers of such partners as: Tesco, Zalando, Douglas, Empik, Helios, Carrefour, Dajar, Cinema City, GoSport, Kruk, Vistula, Wólczanka, Poczta Kwiatowa, TicketPro, Multikino and many more...


How to get the WelcomePack with an access to the
Openbenefit platform?

It doesn't matter if you are a Distributor, Roofer or while building your house you just bought the RAIKO or QUALES products, you can do that in many way:


  • Sign in to the Newsletter and get the free WelcomePack gift with an access to the platform.

  • Buy chosen RAIKO or QUALES products at the chosen Distributor in Poland or abroad.

  • If a given supplier does not take part in the offer you can just send the scanned purchase document to the address marketing@raiko.com along with your contact data and we will send you the free WelcomePack.

  • If you are our Partner or Distributor, contact Your RAIKO Representative and get the WelcomePacks for you and your customers.

  • If you are a Roofer, contact your Distributor, from whom you have bought the RAIKO products, order and get the WelcomePack.

Do you need help?

Go to the Support Centre.
or contact the Customer Service – Call Centre +48 22 575 07 77


Prepaid cards

VISA RAIKO Oxygen Partner

Get the business or prepaid card VISA RAIKO Oxygen.

You can get the card in few ways. Depending on how you got the card, for the start you can get a determined sum for the shopping on the Openbenefit platform and in a chosen shop in Poland.

The collected sums can be also withdrawn from a cash machine. Each card gives you a free access to the Openbenefit platform from RAIKO.

As part of the RAIKO OXYGEN and Openbenefit program we offer
three kinds of cards.

  1. VISA RAIKO Oxygen Partner (Business) cards are given to the Distributors and Roofers in the chosen occasional projects and RAIKO offers. On those cards you can collect points for the purchase of our products at the chosen distributors and using the chosen offers. After logging in on the Openbenefit platform, the collected points can be changed for money and spent in a chosen way.

  2. VISA RAIKO Oxygen prepaid cards are the cards for everyone which can be won in the offers and competitions RAIKO organised in the sales networs and in the social services or ordered by the RAIKO Oxygen Platform for you or your customers.​

  3. VISA RAIKO Oxygen Partner prepaid and discount cards are the cards for everyne which you can order through the platform Openbenefit from RAIKO. They are the cards with a given sum for the start which you set yourself or without any sum for the start.

    All the cards let you also use additional offers in the Openbenefit platform for the partnership card holders.

How to get the prepaid card VISA RAIKO Oxygen?

  • Take part in the RAIKO competitions and win the prepaid VISA RAIKO Oxygen with an access to the Openbenefit platform.

  • Order the gift or discount card RAIKO Oxygen on the Openbenefit platform from RAIKO.

  • Ask your Representative about the current offers and competitions in which you can get the VISA RAIKO Oxygen Card.

  • If you are a Distributor you can organise an offer yourself and order the prepaid cards VISA RAIKO Oxygen for your customers. In order to do that contact the RAIKO marketing department marketing@raiko.com

The service of the cards is done in three ways:

  • Independently, after logging in on our Openbenefit platform

  • By phone on the dedicated call center: +48 22 575 07 77

  • In the Bank call center or personally in the department of Bank Handlowy S.A.

Do you need help?

Go to the Support Centre.
or contact the Customer Service – Call Centre +48 22 575 07 77


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